FBM Programs



Auto Plan can be used with either bureau Equifax, Experian or Transunion

same price. Plan A does not include inquiry removal. Plan B 

does include inquiry removal for derogatory and erroneous inquiries. 

Plans with inquiries are recommended for any with over 5 inquiries

Single Bureau  A  1 Tradeline  + Restoration  980

Single Bureau  B   1 Tradeline + Restoration  + Inquiry Removal  1350


Per Bureau is 550

Per Bureau w Inquiry 750

Rush Per Bureau  900

Restoration All 3      1350 

Restoration All 3  w Inquiry Removal 1600

Restoration All 3 w Public Records  1650

Restoration All 3 w Public Records + Inquiry Removal 1850


 -Per Bureau  $450

 -All Three Bureaus  $1,150

This program is designed to eliminate/challenge erroneous inquiries and those made without your consent or permission.


 Mortgage Plan 1                1980.00

Deletion  no inquiries

1 Trade

Mortgage Plan 2                 2100.00

Public Records

Deletion  no inquiries


Mortgage Plus Plan 1          2300.00

Public Records

Deletion and Inquiries

1 Trade

Mortgage Prep Consultation Kit

Mortgage Plus Plan 2           2700.00

Public Records

Deletion and Inquiries

2 Trade

Mortgage Prep Consultation Kit

 (We have select Payment Plans to meet all needs, but those paid in full will see results much faster)



FBM and Associates Inc does not legally guarantee removal of all negative items

nor guarantees any approval of any kind. "FBM and Associates Inc only consults

and gives experienced advice that is based off of different actual experiences.

All clients have two rounds for the opportunity for any number of erroneous

information to be removed.

All and any monies paid are for consultation and not on a performance basis,

in addition on all payment plans any delay whatsoever regardless of situation

will cause a delay in results we will only resume once payment resumes,

payments are not pay for performance, payments are an opportunity given

by FBM and Associates Inc to assist clients with their payments towards

their payments by allotting more time to pay consultation fees.

Mortgage plans are tailor made to assist clients with getting approved for

their goal of obtaining a mortgage while we cannot guarantee anything these

are good programs to assist in obtaining those goals and much more.

Expectations clients should receive results in 4 - 6 weeks some clients may

see them sooner we just wont advertise this. In addition this does not mean

the while will be done this is only for a reply/response back and possible

results. Once client has received results and or notices change in their report

no score because we can not predict any score. If there are any derogatory

and/or erroneous accounts remaining clients are entitled to have us assist them

with challenging the remaining information.

Tradelines can be added before or after the process while we may advise

that tradelines be added after we have challenged the derogatory/erroneous

accounts and there has been improvement. In most cases clients see a

30-60 point increase in adding positive items such as tradelines to their report

we get our lines from vendors an they add the client on an as soon as they report

client will notice account as well as possible change in report. If lines do not post the

1st attempt we will initiate a second attempt if they do not post after second attempt

we will issue a refund

"It's mandatory that all programs setup a secure card or get one issued from one of our trusted partners"